Self Care Sunday Ideas

Self Care Sunday is so important as you start a new week. Feeling stuck on how exactly to self care? Click through for some suggestions!

Most of these ideas are free and Sunday self care has never been easier!

Whether it's a walk, hitting the beach or just sitting outside, make sure to catch some rays and Vitamin D!

Get some Sunshine!

Have a Spa Session 

Try a soak in the tub, a hair mask, a face mask, or even a self pedicure!

Read a Book

Reading is a great way to unwind. You can learn or even be transported to another place just by opening a book!

Cleaning can be very therapeutic. Or going through your clothes and choosing a few items to donate can feel so great!

Clean or Declutter 

Self Care Sunday is the perfect day to drink tea! Hot or iced, herbal or black, steep your fav today!

Drink Some Tea

Baking is creative, tasty, productive and smells amazing! 

Bake Something 

Putting your ideas and goals down on paper can help you feel prepared instead of overwhelmed for the week ahead!

Make Goals for the New Week

Water is so great for you and this self care Sunday idea might be the easiest one yet!

Drink Some Water 

Music is good to help you relax, decrease anxiety and just boosts your mood!

Listen to Some Music

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