Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer always seems to fly by! So why not get a head start and make a bucket list?


With great ideas for couples, families and even solo, no better time to make your bucket list then now!

I love this one because music makes memories and what better way then to create a playlist from all your jams this summer!

1. Make a summer soundtrack

2. BBQ

There are so many fun things to grill this summer! See my blog post for some suggestions. 

3. Freeze and eat grapes

They taste like candy and they are cool and refreshing on a hot day!

Fresh strawberries? Need I say more!

4. Go Berry Picking

Try strawberries on Sourdough French Toast!

It wouldn't be summer without eating a slice of cold red watermelon!

5. Eat Some watermelon 

Get out in the sun this summer! Make sure you use sun screen especially if you're prone to burn!

6. Get a tan

This is a light and cold dinner idea, perfect for summer!

7. Make Pasta Salads

My summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to the beach! Snacks, music, a nap and splashing in the waves is my perfect summer day!

8. Go to the Beach

Ice cream is a huge part of my summer and I love trying new kinds each summer!

9. Try new ice cream flavours!

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